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Product introduction

The CS series of sidewalks are products designed for shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places. The product has a wide range of angles, a novel appearance and a comfortable ride. The products have won the recognition of many important projects at home and abroad for many years. At the same time, we also keep pace with the times, constantly upgrade products, improve quality, and strive to be at the forefront of the market


The driving system adopts high-efficiency host, which has stronger driving force, stable transmission and lower energy consumption.

The surface of the truss is first sandblasted and then painted, which not only enhances the adhesion of the paint, but also effectively improves the corrosion resistance and extends the service life of the product.

The ladder rails are made of cold-drawn profiles, with light weight, high rigidity, high dimensional accuracy, and good wear resistance. The diameter of the main and auxiliary wheels of the cascade is increased, which improves the riding comfort.


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