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Product introduction

必威 panoramic elevator, which integrates nature into the environment, brings you not only a smooth and comfortable transportation experience, but also a pleasant landscape and a flowing landscape of the city. In the short journey to get new feelings, realize people's desire to overlook the city from a mobile perspective.


1. The car structure, unique shape, semicircle, diamond, rectangle, plane and other sightseeing car design can meet the needs of different buildings, endow the building with personality and vitality, and expand the visual space of the elevator. The embedded connection is adopted at the connection between the sightseeing glass and the car wall, which not only ensures the safety and reliability, but also integrates the sightseeing glass and the car wall;

2. In terms of civil engineering, the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is adopted, with compact structure and thin control cabinet, which can minimize the space occupied by the machine room, reduce the size of the machine room to the same as that of the shaft, facilitate the layout of civil engineering, and provide more free available space for customers;

3. The design idea of modular installation fully reduces the labor intensity of elevator installation and improves the installation efficiency.

Function introduction

1. Details of human nature, comfort, and comprehensive improvement of riding experience

2. The fault self diagnosis system provides detailed preventive maintenance data reference, which is convenient for maintenance and good operation.

3. IC card intelligent management, convenient installation, rich functions, let the elevator enter the home safely.

4. Remote monitoring, through wireless network and signal interface device, statistical analysis of elevator failure rate and other aspects and Realization of failure early warning.

Technological innovation, energy saving and consumption reduction

1. The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is 50% lighter than the traditional products, realizing strong energy saving of 40%.

2. When no one calls the elevator, it enters the sleep energy-saving mode. When there is a call, the equipment will start automatically, so as to save the energy consumption of elevator non operation time.

Main specifications

Load: 630/800/1000kg

Speed: 1.0/1.6/1.75m/s

Cabin shape: Semicircle, diamond, rectangle, all glass plane type

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