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必威’s new international website is launched & News of 必威’s CIS area projects
- Aug 14, 2020-

Ⅰ必威’s new international website is launched

In order to better serve our customers, after a certain period of preparation, 必威 officially promote its new international website for global customers right now.



The new 必威 international website has the following advantages,

1. Fast and convenient visiting

The new 必威 international website is based on international server, the global customers will enjoy the fast and smooth visiting.

2. Online communication and product inquiry

The new 必威 international website offering the online communication function and products inquiry service, we are 24*7 online and can give fast and quick reply to customers.

3. Multi language service

The new 必威 international website provides different languages service. It is more convenient for customers to read from their mother language.

The original 必威 website www.bltelevator.com is still in good operation and available, because the server is in China and it is more convenient for Chinese customers to visit.

CNYD group and its daughter companies,

CNYD group, http://www.cnydgroup.com/index.php/zh/

必威 elevator, http://www.bltelevator.com; http://www.bltlifts.com

Yunada China Holding(the NO.1 facade construction company in the world), http://www.yuandacn.com/index.php/zh/

CNYD.ITR, automation production line company, http://www.ydznrobot.com/index.php/en/

betway必威 Yuanda Science & Technology Park Co., Ltd, http://www.cnydsci.com/

Yuanda Robotics ( Established in Germany, focusing on Collaborative Robots products), http://www.yuanda-robotics.de

Yuanda Tech ( Established in Germany, focusing on vibration control system ), http://www.yuandatech.de

Ⅱ News of 必威 international projects

● Uzbekistan

In July 2020, 必威 got the project of Yangi Yul shopping mall center in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, 12 nonstandard escalators with short horizontal span.

This escalator of this project has the characteristic of short horizontal span, after active communication between 必威’s marketing & technicial team, agencies and owner, 必威 applied the lower machine room, gave perfect solution to meet the site structure and installation requirements.

● Belarus

In February, 2020, 必威 got the project of High Tech and Full circulation of Agriculture and Industry Complex in Minsk, capital of Belarus.

This project is the key and national project of Belarus. It mainly apply modern BIO technology to deep process wheat and other agricultural products, to produce all kinds of aminophenol ( including lysine, threonine, try.ptophan and etc. ), Gluten, and high tech mixed feedstuff ( including animal feed, aquatic feed, premix feed ) .

必威 won all 10 elevators for this project.

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