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必威 Won Another Landmark Project In Belarus
- Aug 20, 2020 -

On August 10, 2020, President Lukashenko of Belarus inspected the full cycle high-tech agro industrial complex project located in pokhovic District of Minsk state in Belarus.
The full cycle high-tech agro industrial complex project uses modern biotechnology to further process agricultural products such as wheat. CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for the design, supply, construction, commissioning and operation of all production workshops, administrative office buildings, supporting engineering auxiliary facilities and municipal engineering in the complex Park, as well as the integrated turnkey project construction of owner's personnel training.

With high-quality products, advanced technology and perfect service, 必威 has won the trust of CITIC construction group and provided 10 large capacity elevator products and services for the project. Although the commencement date was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic, in order not to affect the progress of the project, 必威 actively with relevant departments such as technology, production and transportation to complete the supply task of the project on time. All elevator products have arrived at the installation site. 必威 will also provide more perfect service and support in the follow-up process of the project, helping to enhance the influence of China's high-tech projects in the international market.

President Lukashenko fully affirmed the importance of China's infrastructure and mechanical and electrical equipment to this project. He stressed: the investment project is still under construction under the complex epidemic environment, which not only does not cause delay in the construction period, but also carries out at an advanced pace. The new outbreak has suspended the global economy, and CITIC, the world's most powerful company, is still working in Belarus. It's our luck that we chose the right strategy and did not close the border. At the same time, President Lukashenko stressed that this project is owned by only four countries in the world, and Belarus will be the fifth country, which is more significant than the universe. By the summer of 2024, "BNBC III" project will be put into operation. The new project plans to organize the production of vitamins, amino acids, starch products and glucose, which will create new products - Vitamins (B2, B12, c) and small varieties of amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) not only for Belarus but also for the CIS countries. The president also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese partners who have played an important role in the implementation of investment projects. "This is a gift from China," the president said.

Since entering the Russian and CIS markets from 2004, betway必威 Yuanda intelligent group has been actively exploring the Russian countries and the surrounding markets, and its sales and after-sales service network has spread all over the major cities of Russia and CIS countries. Besides China's embassy in Kazakhstan, Russia BRICs SUMMIT,Russia World Cup Stadium and Krasnodar stadium projects, this is another landmark project in Russian market for 必威.

It is reported that CITIC Group has successfully signed the second and third phases of the complex project. 必威 will cooperate with strategic partners to continuously create classic elevator projects for Belarus and even the global market, continuously consolidate the international famous elevator brand strategy, and fulfill the important mission of 必威 to promote the global development of Chinese elevator brand.

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