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必威 Elevator/CNYD Group Attended China-UAE Economic And Trade Digital Expo
- Jul 29, 2020-

I. CNYD-必威 attended China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo.

During 15th-28th July 2020, betway体育亚洲官网  Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CNYD-必威) was invited to attend  China-UAE  Economic and Trade Digital Expo. In recent years, CNYD-必威 frequently appears  in international exhibition and gained a well effect. It has strengthened the influence of the brand  worldwide.


CNYD-必威 actively expands the international market. During this online exhibition, the company exhibited many high-tech products, including QS Series of Passenger Elevator, VS Series of Panoramic Elevator, BS Series of Bed Elevator, FS Series of Freight Elevator, ES Series of Escalator, CS Series of Passenger Conveyor, ZS Series of Home Lift, etc., drawing the widespread concern of enterprises in UAE.


Figure 1. Http://www.ccpit-expo.com/home/shops/portal/shopId/969/expoId/2.html

As the world advanced professional elevator and escalator manufacturer, CNYD-必威

As the world advanced professional elevator and escalator manufacturer, CNYD-必威 aspires to pursuit excellence in the core technology and keep improving. It based in China and try to strengthen the international cooperation and promote the development in international market. The company has provided professional service to all customers. It devotes itself to making CNYD-必威 be the No.1 brand in the field of elevator and escalator technology innovation!


II. CNYD-必威’s new publicity platform has been launched

Recently, CNYD-必威 has launched a new publicity platform on: .

The new website interface is more creative and beautiful, which will help customers around the world to have a deeper understanding of CNYD-必威 and its products. By this opportunity, CNYD-必威 will also be presented in a more comprehensive, more vivid, more specific  way to customers. In the future, CNYD-必威 will also launch a new VR platform, so  that customers can experience products more directly and understand factories in live-action.


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