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Product Introduction

Machine room series elevator is a new generation product developed for residential, hotel, shopping mall and other markets. It has multiple advantages such as safety, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, stability, etc. the product widely uses a variety of leading industry technologies to provide the safest and reliable elevator experience for your travel.


1. Stable operation: The best speed change curve output by the control system after precise calculation is perfectly applied to the operation of the elevator, so that the speed change occurs unconsciously when the elevator starts, runs and stops; the elevator reduces the impact of external sources on the car where the people are riding to the greatest extent through multiple shock absorption design, and the people will feel more comfortable and stable in the car.

2. Safe and reliable: Through the cooperation of various safety components, we can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the elevator and your safe travel.

3. Flexible application: The area of the machine room is the same as that of the hoistway, which saves nearly 60% of the room space compared with the traditional elevator in the machine room and does not need to occupy more building space. The self-developed special compact control equipment provides high anti-interference ability and reduces the volume of the control cabinet by adopting mature integrated circuit board technology, so as to effectively improve the utilization rate of the room space and fully improve the room space The utilization rate of buildings reduces the cost of real estate development.

4. Multiple choices: Elevator appearance elegant fashion, decoration top, car wall, floor, handrail, etc. have a variety of choices, to create your unique beauty. The product speed can reach 2.5m/s, and the load can reach 1600kg, further meeting various market demands.

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