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Product introduction

Through the integration of high-tech and high-tech, Bolinte freight elevators greatly improve the performance and quality of freight elevators, reduce the failure rate, and have the advantages of rigorous structure, durability, large door opening distance, smooth and safe operation and so on. With excellent performance and good reputation, Bolinte freight elevator has become an ideal choice for transportation of goods in factories, warehouses, shopping centers, libraries and other places


A new generation of frequency conversion technology, a new start.

Fully closed-loop control, effectively reduce running vibration, shaking and unstable acceleration and deceleration, and efficiently reduce power consumption.

Sensitive, smooth, precise and heavy

1. Open and close sensitively, improve the efficiency of cargo transportation.

2. Stable and comfortable, constant braking acceleration and deceleration rate.

3. Precise leveling, millimeter-level accuracy control.

4. Thick and stable, solid load of five tons is abnormal.

Multiple door opening methods

The center is divided into double folding doors, side opening doors, and through doors, which can be easily adapted to various cargo channels.


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