Machine Roomless Lift

Machine Roomless Lift

The main components of Machine Roomless Lift include the main engine, control cabinet, speed limiter, car and load.

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The main components of Machine Roomless Lift include the main engine, control cabinet, speed limiter, car and load. It adopts a new layout method, combined with the self-developed permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, which further reduces the size of the shaft, thereby directly reducing the user's civil engineering cost and bringing more design space to the building.



1.The traction machine enables all the force of Machine Roomless Lift to be transmitted to the bottom pit through the guide rail, thereby eliminating the load-bearing requirement of the elevator on the wall, and reducing the construction cost.

2. Using a split two-stage shock absorption design, the entire car frame system is isolated from the guide rail by rubber and spring damping elements on the guide shoe. The isolation of the frame system also minimizes the influence of external sources on the ride, making it more comfortable and stable.

3. The elevator drive control system perfectly integrates the industrial field bus technology into the elevator control system, making the operation of the elevator safer, more accurate and faster.


1. After accurate calculation, the optimal speed curve output by the control system is perfectly applied to the operation of Machine Roomless Lift, which eliminates the discomfort of people riding the elevator, and makes people safer and more comfortable riding the elevator.

2. The mature industrial bus technology and SMT surface mount technology reduce the volume and weight of it and improve the anti-interference and anti-interference of the whole machine.

3. Green and environmentally friendly, no special elevator machine room is required, saving space and cost.

4. Easy to install and maintain. 

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