Elevator Colour LCD

Elevator Colour LCD

​Elevator Colour LCD refers to elevator colour liquid crystal display, which is a type of flat panel display.

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Product Details

Product Description

Elevator Colour LCD refers to elevator colour liquid crystal display, which is a type of flat panel display. It uses a liquid crystal solution in two pieces of polarized material, and when the current passes through the liquid, the crystals are rearranged to achieve the purpose of imaging. The advantages of this product  are low power consumption, small size, and low radiation.

Product Details

Origin: China

Model: GPCS1359D002

Scope of application: all elevators

Product certification: CCC


1. Elevator Colour LCD can show the direction and floor of the elevator, allowing passengers to understand the situation intuitively. 

2. No glare, no irritation to human eyes, no eye fatigue.

3. No electromagnetic radiation, safe to the human body, conducive to information confidentiality.

4. It basically has no degradation problems, so it has an extremely long lifespan.


Performance Parameters

Power supply fluctuation (voltage range): 22.6-26.4VDC.

Rated voltage: 24VDC.

Use ambient temperature: -20-+60℃.

Relative humidity: 5%-95%.

Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa.

Rated power consumption: 5W.

Continuous working life: 30000Hrs.

Communication method: 485 communication.


The Elevator Colour LCD screen displays the elevator running direction and the current floor. The basic display graphics are as follows when overload/full load, maintenance, fire protection and faults.




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