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Product introduction:

The medical elevator specially tailored for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions. Through strict control of product quality and painstaking improvement of technical experience, the elevator runs smoothly and smoothly, ensuring the safety of passengers' lives and providing medical workers and patients with a green life aisle.

Product Features

1. Stable and efficient: With the latest control technology, the operation of the elevator is extremely comfortable and stable, and the flat floor is accurate to millimeter unit, so that doctors and patients can reach the target floor unconsciously, reflecting the advanced and convenient modern medical treatment. The group control elevator uses advanced group control technology to shorten the waiting time to the greatest extent and realize quick rescue.

2. Safety barrier: The advanced safety light curtain technology can detect any object entering the area sensitively and prevent from being pinched or bumped. The advanced frequency conversion door machine makes the opening and closing of the car hall door more sensitive and efficient; the noise of opening and closing the door is very low, adding the sense of safety for passengers. Based on the in-depth study of the medical place, all the technical innovation is implemented in the humanized design. From the perspective of doctors and patients, the elevator can start and stop smoothly, effectively reduce the probability of unexpected failure, and let the patients in and out safely.

3. Humanistic care: Deep lift car is adopted to facilitate the access of stretcher. Adopt green pollution-free profiles to ensure a healthy environment. Create a clean and bright space in harmony with the hospital environment. To provide more convenience for medical staff, to maximize the satisfaction of patients' special needs, and to assist medical staff to complete the sacred mission efficiently and quickly.

4. Exclusive functions: The hairline stainless steel car wall with special industrial treatment has strong anti-fingerprint function, which can effectively prevent bacteria retention and adhesion, and protect the clean environment of the car. The car is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection device, which can be used to sterilize the car safely and reliably at fixed time by the control system automatically, making it a sterile car, which can effectively prevent secondary infection and cross infection of patients. The super strong anti-skid function design of the floor is made of special materials through special processing, which can ensure anti-skid even when there is water on the ground.

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