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Our History

ShenYang YuanDa Intellectual Industry Group CO., LTD. (002689.SZ) is found in September, 2001, a professional elevator manufacturer engaged in the developing, designing, manufacturing, selling, installation, and after-sales service of complete elevator products. 必威 has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate, ISO14001 Certificate of Environment Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate. In addition, 必威 products have all obtained the CE certification of EU, GOST certification of Russia and CSA certificate of North America.

As a leading domestic elevator enterprise with comprehensive strength ranking top five, 必威 is fully recognized by customers for its superior technology, quality and service. We have won the titles of "National customer satisfaction enterprise" and "National customer satisfaction service" for four consecutive years. With stable product quality and excellent service, 必威 has been accepted by governmental procurement customer, won the prize of "The most trustful brand for government procurement of elevator in 2012", and be honored as "Chinese well-known trademark" by SAIC.

Our Factory

The company built the Industrial Park in betway必威 west industry corridor with the world first class manufacture equipment. The factory covers an area of 480 thousand square meters. This is the world important developing and manufacturing base of elevator. After years of effort, 必威 has set up more than 220 sales service branches both at home and abroad, 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and one joint-stock subsidiary in Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mongolia, Peru and Morocco, building a world-wide sales service network and providing "lifelong" after-sale experience for every customer with its professional, high-qualified, fast and convenient service.

Our Product

Machine Room Elevator, Machine Roomless Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Freight Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Home Lift, Dumbwaiter, Escalator, Passenger Conveyor.


Product Application

Machine Room Elevator, uses the efficient and energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine that can save up to 40% of energy and therefore cost, enhance lift and low noise coupled with a non-pollution machine adds to a cleaner environment. Fashion and elegant design is applied in apartment, residence, office building, business hotel and other places 


Machine Roomless Elevator, which completely removes the requirement for a machine room on the top of shaft, improves the utilization for building space, reduces the cost of energy and construction materials. With the adoption of extremely thin permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, all components are in the shaft to make the building appearance more harmonious


Panoramic Elevator is the moving artwork within the building with structure and a fashionable layout. It not only serves the passengers who enjoy the scenery while riding up and down but also provides a decorative style, harmonious with architectural design, giving the building personality and vitality, which reflect the charm of modern city life.


Freight Elevator, smooth running, excellent performance, safety, reliability and with a complete design specification. Its applications are used in department stores, supermarkets, factories, wholesale centers, railway stations, warehouses, and other buildings where vertical transport is required.


Hospital Elevator, apart from carrying passengers, there are strict requirements for the function of hospital elevator’s due and the requirements of special applications. 必威 hospital elevator provide a secure, fast and reliable product, taking into account each special application satisfying the requirements of hospital thoroughly


Home Elevator is machine roomless type, which reduces the investment of the owner in the machine room and elevator shaft, the whole elevator is compact and saves the construction cost as much as possible. At the same time, the safety facilities are complete, which is the first choice of private elevators for villas and high-end residential buildings. 


Dumbwaiter, owns special architectural structure, so the civil engineering is less restricted, which is convenient for installation and decoration. Console or window type design could be applied to dumbwaiter lift which is the optimal light-load vertical transportation tools for places like restaurants, hotels, libraries and hospitals.


Escalator and Passenger Conveyor (Moving Walk) is divided into the two types of commercial and public transportation (heavy duty), which are all designed and developed by 必威 through devotion and determination, resulting the most contemporary high-quality products, meeting every aspect of market requirements like supermarkets, shopping malls, metro, airport and other public places.

Our Certificate

1.Quality Management System ISO9001:2015;

2.Laboratory accreditation certificate ISO/IEC 17025:2017

3.Environmental Management System ISO14001:2015;

4.The Occupation Health And Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007;

5.Manufacture License Of Special Equipment

6.China Elevator Top 10 Brand

7.Energy Efficiency certification ISO 25745-2:2015

8.CE Certificate EN81-20:2014

9.CE Certificate EN115-1:2017

10.North America CSA certificate

11.North America CWB certificate

12.EAC certificate

13.Ukraine UkrSEPRO certificate

14.Korean KC certificate

15.Singapore PSB certificate

Production Equipment

1.Italian Salvagnini Flexible production line

One of the world's most advanced sheet metal processing equipment and the first real flexible production line in domestic elevator industry. By adopting advanced numerical control technology, the process such as feeding, punching, shearing, bending and unloading for sheet metal can be finished continuously to realize automatic and continuous production. High-precision processing can ensure the consistency of size and angle effectively and make the elevator car wall, car door and landing door more beautiful. Meanwhile it can realize overall molding of car wall and car door, and increase the stiffness of the car.

2.German Tonc NC Hydromantic punching and shearing processing center

Large processing ranges, high-speed punching, effectively improve processing efficiency. High intelligence punch can automatically replace the cutting tool. It can automatically control the punching shear, programmatically control the punching speed. Cutting tool without limit of size can turn 360 degrees, achieving efficient automation.

3. German Tonc laser cutting machine

Adopting RF- excited gas laser, equipped with the flying optics and switched operating platform, greatly improving the sheet metal processing speed. Non-contact automatic height-tracking system can accurately measure, calculate and control. Its processing precision can reach ± 0.03 mm. HI- LAS function can help obtain the non-oxidation cutting surface while cutting stainless steel. Arbitrary cutting from 12 mm thick plate to sheet can make workpiece more aesthetic.

4. Japan Amada turret multi-location punch press

VIPROS-375Q turret multi-location punch press is the core model of Japan Amada sheet metal processing machinery. Its high production capacity is fit for processing product with short delivery date and various product types; the turret location number is up to 58. Automatic loading and unloading machines, hydraulic clutch and brake ensure high precision of processing

5. Japan Amada CNC laser processing machine

Japan Amada CNC laser processing machine is a high-speed and high-precision CNC laser processing equipment. Its two driving mode shaft mobile device gives full play of the performance of flight type laser cutting head. The product cut by Amada CNC laser processing machine is beautiful and has a clear outline, especially suitable for cutting the parts of higher demand for decoration and particularly complex shape such as stainless steel plate etc.


6. Japan Yamazaki Mazak horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center purchased from Japan's Yamazaki Mazak adopts the world advanced level Mazatrol Fusion 640M control system. It has greatly improved data processing capability and motion control performance of CNC system. It has a double operating table, 40 tool changers and 2 seconds automatic change of tool. It reduces the workplace and also improves the machining accuracy.

7. France SAMES automatic spraying production line

As the most advanced domestic spraying production line, it can do the oil and rust cleaning, and phosphating for the workpiece before processing and spraying so that the workpiece has a double protection layer and achieves the higher decoration and anticorrosion effect.

Production Market

"To do things honestly, to treat people sincerely", "to be sagacious" and "the unity of Knowing and Practicing", 必威 wins the market with sincere management. In 2012, 必威 elevator acquired good achievement and kept ahead of national elevators in export volume for the fifth consecutive year. We won the bidding of the metro project in Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin and betway必威. Among them, the boarding stations of betway必威 Metro line 1 and 2 own 120 sets of lifts in total, and the bid section with the largest traveling height is the most figured metro project; Successfully stationed in five-star hotel projects including Beijing hotel, Dali Zhongmin hotel and Henan Yaxin hotel; in 2007, 必威 successfully signed the contract on the lift project of Singapore housing and development board with 600 sets of lifts and has offered 2205 sets in total in succession for the Singapore project so far, creating the record with the largest exporting volume in single contract and single project among Chinese national elevator brands; Signed the contract on the project of 99 sets of lift with AIRRAIL Center Frankfurt, becoming the biggest project signed in German high-end market among Chinese national lift brands; Won the bidding of 2012 Olympic Games lift project — London Heathrow Airport Project. This is the first lift project signed with international airport among Chinese national lift brands, as well as the first application in Olympic supporting facilities project. 必威 is based on the progress and growth of China national industry, striving to build Chinese first elevator brand. Take the idea "Technology leads the market, service creates value" as basic tenet, we perform strictly throughout the process from designing to manufacturing, from installation to service, hoping to realize the perfect integrations of science and art, the harmonious unity of classics and fashion, and the combination of performance and price, turning every elevator into a finely crafted product for customers. 

Our Service

Service for people oriented, ShenYang YuanDa Intellectual Industry Group CO.,LTD. global service network covers hundreds of countries and regions. All the personnel have passed the company's strict professional qualification, and also have special equipment operation certificate. "Professional, efficient, enthusiastic, responsible" is the characteristic of our after-sales personnel. High quality professional technicians provide the most powerful guarantee for providing excellent after-sales service.

High quality daily maintenance is the guarantee for safety running. To ensure the quality of daily maintenance, our company builds maintenance supervisory institution. According to site checking and user survey, it discovers the problem, adopts an effective way to correct, and supervise the promotion of the quality.

The CNYD International After-Sale Service Center’s scope of service includes after sale technical guidance, technical training, technical answer, technical consultation, troubleshooting, quality feedback, installation & maintenance supervision, international spare parts & components sales and so on, fully satisfied by the overall needs of the customers. Among elements, the international spare parts & components sales is based on fast response, high quality and low price and original plant & origin, and sells spare parts & components to more than 130 countries and regions in the world.

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